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Me and My Motivation

Thank you for visiting my site, for caring enough about

my books and for recognising the power of poetry.


I don’t only write poetry, but for my first published work,

it seemed like the most natural introduction, since it’s

what I mostly do.  My inspirations have come from my

work and my travels and these have (in both instances)

been many and varied.  I must confess that the work I’ve

enjoyed most is teaching (adults, as well as children) and

the travel I’ve enjoyed most is where I can immerse

myself in cultures which are as far from my own as I

can find.


I was born in Liverpool, but I left when I was quite

young and then lived and worked in London.  I ended up

(via Cambridge and Hertfordshire) living in my dream location; the beautiful Georgian town of Stamford in Lincolnshire.  If ever there was a place that was made for creativity, it is this place and I can’t see me ever leaving it.  



My work took me through three decades and three career changes, which could basically be summed up as shipping, science and social housing.  Most of my work included an element of teaching and training adults, but throughout my time, I had several voluntary roles working with children.  When I was made redundant in 2010, it seemed like a very natural progression to take on some teaching roles, while I set up my own consultancy and writing business.  Throughout this time, I was adding to my creative writing portfolio, which I’d started many years earlier, during my travels.  It was while working with some rather challenging children that I came up with the idea for my book “Poetry for PSHE”.  I found that most of the children I taught (or assisted, as a Learning Support Assistant) were easy to engage when we discussed travelling, which lead on to writing about travel, which ultimately brought us to poetry.  I went on to qualify as a Mediator, when I discovered that the disputes I saw in the playground are no different than those I witnessed in the office, and now spend some of my time as a Workplace Mediator.



I didn’t travel abroad until I was 21, which didn’t seem that unusual at the time, and my first trip was to Morocco.  It sounds odd to say so now, but I could not have been more surprised by the cultural differences that greeted me, which I was, with hindsight, totally unprepared for.  Long before the days of the internet, the only picture you got of a country you were about to visit was from the glossy brochures that the travel agent gave you.  Luckily, I wasn’t put off and have been back since, to this beautifully rich and diverse country.


I have since been lucky enough to travel, through work and pleasure, to all five inhabited continents and I find myself being drawn to Italy, with its breathtakingly beautiful scenery – not to mention the fabulous food and wine!  I am a regular visitor to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast and (you must be able to see where this is going) it’s therefore no surprise that I find relaxation and solace in writing in such beautiful locations.  My other passion during travel is photography and you’ll see some of my pictures in this website.


I have loved visiting Arabian and Asian countries and I made my first trip (of many subsequent trips) to the Middle East when I was 24, in the 1980s.  As I write, civil unrest and the most awful atrocities are plaguing the Middle East and North Africa and I live in hope that it will once more become the warm and peaceful place I knew and so want to go back to.


My poems are nothing if not to encourage things I hold dear, such as friendship, conciliation, diversity and dispute resolution – and they work!

Jay Clarke

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