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Jay Clarke Books

A Selection of Contemporary Poems

A book designed specifically for young adults studying PSHE, but with the needs of the teacher very much in mind. Each poem comes complete with its own bespoke lesson plan... FIND OUT MORE

Welcome to My Website

Thank you for visting my website.

I'm Jay Clarke, author of Poetry for



Poetry for PSHE, or Personal, Social,

Health and Economics Education, is

a collection of poems for school

children of secondary school age. It

is an anthology of poems covering subjects such as friendship, families, bullying and social media. The poems deal with the subjects in a way that makes pupils keen to read the next one, exposing them to common issues they may face, while the lesson plan allows them to learn solutions and ways to cope should they find themselves involved with the issues discussed.


To the right are some images taken on my travels and places that have inspired me in my writing and, in particular, the mixture of culture and diversity.  You'll find more information on the About page.


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